Yoga and Mindfulness

Why Yoga and Mindfulness ?

Yoga and Mindfulness are two traditions that go hand by hand which focus on the holistic wellness of the entire person. The practice of  Yoga gives us an accessible method of bringing the whole human– body, breath, and mind– into a balanced and healthy state.

As children enter school age, they become exposed to peer group environments and absorb new influences, promoting conformity. This social conditioning occurs outside of parental oversight, and enables children to adapt very quickly and learn how to best survive in their new environment.

Unfortunately, our society places high regard on conformity, appearance, achievement and popularity. As children come into their tween years, their awareness of others, and the opinions they form, grows.  The importance of being accepted by their peers continues growing long into their teenage years.

Yoga and mindfulness offer essential life skills that allow kids to remain true to themselves and their true nature. It teaches kids to listen to their heart and make better choices to benefit themselves and humanity.